Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boy's satchel bag

Another opportunity for a handmade gift.  A friend's son had his 4th birthday recently and after discussion with his mother, I thought a satchel might be a good idea for his many toy cars.  Again, I used the small tote bag pattern from Nicole Mallalieu's website (I know I can make this bag!).

So, what fabrics do you choose for a 4 year old boy??  Cars, of course!  This time I did a simple patchwork for the satchel flap, using some Disney Cars fabric that I bought at the local craft show a few months ago (I knew it would come in handy sometime). The lining of the bag is also done with the same fabric. I used a dark denim for the body of the bag, stiffened with the heaviest interfacing I could find.

And here it is .....
The Bag.

Lightning McQueen!

a try-hard arty shot of the strap and strap guide

the clean lines of the strap

I've posted it off this week (finally).  I hope the recipient enjoys it.  I am very pleased with how it all came out, as you can tell from all the photos!


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