Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A-line dress bonanza!

I managed to get a few A-line pinafores done for Christmas.  One was for my niece and the other two pinnies were for my own girls.  I used Simplicity pattern 5489, which is about as easy as it gets.  Although you do have to do two buttonholes, the bane of my existance!
I basically followed the pattern, just made each dress a little unique. All fabric was from Spotlight - they have a fabulous range at the moment. I hope they all fit now!  :)

Sneek peek at niece's dress
Pink and purple flowers, with purple batik border

Samantha's dress
Pink with a ruffle hem

Love the buttons!

I used an iron-on butterfly motif to give it some interest
Asha's dress ...
It's all in the fabric

what else but hooty owls for Asha?  :)


  1. You could always use snaps instead of buttons haha! The dresses look great, love the owl fabric :)

  2. @Vik : great idea about the snaps. Think I will give that a go next time. :)