Saturday, December 8, 2012

By the bucket load!

I have definitely had a siesta with my sewing blog.  :)

I had promised my two girls ages ago that I would make them a hat each, hubby had an order for one as well, and I thought I would make one as a birthday gift for a close friend.  Anyway, this time, I managed to remember to take a few photos of the Lazy Days hats (pattern from Make It Perfect).  These are basic reversible bucket hats.  Instructions are easy to follow, but I tend to finish off the hat by following the instructions on this tutorial so that I don't have any hand sewing.

Here are the finished results.

Father's Day hat for hubby

Hat for Daughter #1

Happily modeled by Daughter #1 (it's a favourite for daycare)

Hat for Daughter #2

Hat for friend (same fabric pattern, two different colour schemes)


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